& Video Policies

Photographs and Videos

Photographs and videos are a wonderful way to remember your visit to Friske’s Farm Market. We encourage guests to take photographs and videos of their visit!

Please be advised that should anyone post or tag a photo on a public site such as our Facebook Page, we will interpret this as permission to use that photo in future marketing for Friske’s.

In areas that are normally open to the public, (i.e. outdoor play areas, in the market, etc.) no photography fee is required for casual amateur photos or videos.

Professional Photo Session Fees and Information:

For professional photographers: please contact us ( prior to the date of photo shoot to schedule your session(s). If the photography session will take place when the market/orchard is open, there is a fee of $50 per session.  You may purchase a “day pass” for $200, which allows you unlimited sessions for that day.
*PLEASE NOTE: When requesting access at times the market/orchard is not open to the public, a fee of $75 per session applies./

The above is required in the following circumstances:
  • Professional or commercial photography and videography (photography for profit or as a paid occupation).
  • Photography or videography for events not related to activities hosted by Friske Farm Market (Examples: Proms, Weddings, Engagements, Reunions, etc.)
General Photography/Videography Guidelines:
  • Tractors, equipment (of any type), fences, railings, bins, crates, trees, etc. may not be sat on, climbed on, stood on, or moved for any reason without specific permission from management. 
  • Photography sessions must not interfere with the enjoyment of other customers or create any safety concerns.
  • No scheduled date, time, or fee shall be construed as a contract. Friske Farm Market reserves the right to cancel or deny access at any time and for any reason.
  • Published photos (e.g., Facebook, Blog, and website) should credit location of photograph e.g.: Friske Farm Market, Ellsworth MI
  • Friske Farm Market welcomes photo submissions! If you want to share your photos with us, with your permission, we may use them in print or online. Please send them to
  • During our events, we may have staff taking photographs of the events. Any photos taken may be used for future marketing purposes.
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