Friske’s Michigan Gift Box – A Taste of Friske’s


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Friske’s Michigan Gift Box – A Taste of Friske’s

Our “Taste of Friske’s Gift Box” is a handpicked selection of our finest offerings, designed to deliver the authentic taste of Michigan’s harvest. Each item is a celebration of the care and passion we pour into our products, from our orchards and fields straight to your table.

Discover What’s Inside Friske’s Michigan Gift Box:

  • Michigan Dried Tart Cherries: An 8 oz bag of our vibrant, tangy cherries, dried to perfection.
  • Dark Chocolate Cherries: An 8 oz bag of rich, indulgent dark chocolate-covered cherries.
  • Tart Cherry Jam: An 11 oz. jar of our homemade jam, bursting with the pure taste of Michigan cherries.
  • Mild Cherry Salsa: A 15 oz jar of our crowd-pleasing salsa, with a gentle kick.
  • Michigan Tart Cherries: An 18 oz jar of our juiciest tart cherries, perfect for any culinary creation.
  • Honeycrisp Applesauce: A 20 oz jar of applesauce made from Michigan’s favorite apple, the Honeycrisp.
  • Cherry Orchard Nut Mix: A 7 oz bag of our signature nut mix, infused with the essence of our cherry orchards.

Friske’s Michigan Gift Box Is Always Ready to Delight

Each “Friske’s Michigan Gift Box” is presented in our signature packaging, ready to enchant anyone with a love for Michigan’s gourmet specialties. In the rare case that an item is unavailable, we will include a carefully selected replacement that complements the spirit of the gift box.

Quick Description

Experience the essence of Michigan’s finest with ‘Taste of Friske’s Michigan Gift Box,’ a curated collection of our best-loved treats, from dried cherries to Honeycrisp applesauce.

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